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            Setting-up your email signature:

            To set-up a new signature, choose “Options” on the main “File” menu in Outlook:

            On the “Options” menu choose “Mail” and then click on the “Signatures” button

            On the “E-mail Signature” tab, select the “New” button and then name your signature.  Then copy this format:

            Carmen Poole

            Training & Support Coordinator

            Qualicare - Family Homecare






            Paste the above format in the Signature box provided, as shown below:

            Please make sure that your signature looks exactly like this one by matching the TEXT, LOGO SIZE and COLOR. Before clicking the “Save” button, be sure to make the following changes:

            1. Change the name and title to yours
            2. Insert your territory by replacing the word “location” with your territory name.
            3. Change the phone number to yours
            4. Choose your new signature as the default for “new messages” as well as “Replies/Forwards”.
            5. If you are on LinkedIn:

            ·         Sign in to LinkedIn, go to your profile and copy your public profile URL located just above the summary section

            ·         Right-click on the LinkedIn icon below and select “hyperlink” to add a hyperlink.

            ·         Paste your public profile URL from LinkedIn here and click OK

            ·         When you hover your mouse over the LinkedIn icon, you should now be able to see the hyperlink


            1. If you are not on LinkedIn, use the Qualicare Linkedin page by inserting this address:  http://www.linkedin.com/company/qualicare 

            Click the “Save” button to save your modified signature as new.

            When you create a new email, your new signature should automatically appear.

            If you need any additional help setting up email or creating your signature, please contact support@qualicare.com.



            Updated: 02 Jul 2015 04:34 AM
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